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Mortgage Changes Take Effect January

Wednesday, October 25, 2017   /   by Chris Matlashewski

Mortgage Changes Take Effect January

Last week announcement to further change the mortgage lending rules for January 1, 2018 may prompt buyers with more than 20% Down to buy before year end. (Matching the stress-test on conventional mortgages. It may also cause seller to assess if now vs. next year is the time to make a move. We may be out of a recession, but by no means have we recovered from 2 years of negative growth and a negative population migration. Companies may not be doing further layoffs, but they are not on a hiring spree either. Having had to meet with C.R.E.B's head economist these are some of my takeaways. 
Click on the link https://youtu.be/6i61GL4mTRY to watch the video.

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